Our Philosophy

We are here to help your project and improve the reliability of your products. We provide effective services to meet your expectations by discussions, suggestions and open communication.

To get started simply send us an email at contacts@pnsolutions.ch

Substrate sign-off

PN Solutions Consulting services are intended for those companies who deals with complex ASICs where substrate crosstalk can be an issue. Our team can analyse your schematic and run PNAware simulations on your layout.

  • Substrate simulations report
  • Detection of aggressor devices and sensitive circuits
  • Layout shielding strategies solutions

IC Layout

PN Solutions Layout services are intended to support the back-end of your ASIC design. Our team will bring its custom analog layout expertise to your project for a successful tape-out.

  • Full custom Analog and Digital standard cell library components
  • Strong expertise in matching and high power routing techniques
  • High Voltage DMOS layout and BCD experience
  • Physical layout verification (DRC, LVS, ERC)
  • Floorplan and ESD pad rings